Vocals, Guitar  /  Indiana Sands

Bass  /  Chase McKnight

Drums  /  Connor Gerson


In the immortal words of Chase McKnight, "It's just one continuous noise until you die." Breezeway is the most delicious burrito you've ever eaten: a greasy blues and psychedelic filling, wrapped up in an indie rock tortilla, with a fun and delectable live performance to top it all off!

This trio is comprised of Indiana Sands: a double threat, singer and guitarist, whose seductive voice and virtuosic guitar-playing will impregnate any woman or man within a five-block radius; Chase McKnight: a real live wire of a bassist, you can hardly keep track of him ricocheting onstage; and Connor Gerson: a big hairy oaf of a drummer, keeping that groove locked and loaded, hittin' stuff like his life depended on it. 

Breezeway has two full length albums: Clockwork (2015) and It Goes Like This (2016), available anywhere you can buy or stream music, so go check it out!


Photo Credit: Nick Adams Photography