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"...anyone could sit through [It Goes Like This] and get something substantial from it. It’s interesting, dynamic and takes on a mix of sounds that most modern acts wouldn’t dare to play." -Austin Doty, SLUG Magazine

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Short bios

  • Breezeway is a blues/psychedelic rock and roll trio from Salt Lake City, Utah, comprised of Indiana Sands on vocals/guitar; Chase McKnight on bass; and Connor Gerson on drums. Each band member shares a love of old and contemporary rock music, ranging from Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to Alabama Shakes and My Morning Jacket.

After five years, Breezeway is still going strong. They have a multitude of shows on the books, as well as two full length albums: Clockwork (2015) and It Goes Like This (2016). As of mid-2017, they began work on their third studio album, and are booking their first regional tour.


  • In the immortal words of Chase McKnight, "It's just one continuous noise until you die." Breezeway is the most delicious burrito you've ever eaten: a greasy blues and psychedelic filling, wrapped up in an indie rock tortilla, with a fun and delectable live performance to top it all off!

This trio is comprised of Indiana Sands: a double threat, singer and guitarist, whose seductive voice and virtuosic guitar-playing will impregnate any woman or man within a five-block radius; Chase McKnight: a real live wire of a bassist, you can hardly keep track of him ricocheting onstage; and Connor Gerson: a big hairy oaf of a drummer, keeping that groove locked and loaded, hittin' stuff like his life depended on it. 

Breezeway has two full length albums: Clockwork (2015) and It Goes Like This (2016), available anywhere you can buy or stream music, so go check it out!

Long bio

Breezeway is primarily a blues/psychedelic rock and roll band, but beneath that is an abundance of interesting, fresh new sounds. Whether it is a reggae flavor, a country tinge, or some in-your-face punk; there isn't a genre that Breezeway won't incorporate into their music masterfully. Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, the band consists of Indiana Sands on vocals/guitar; Chase McKnight on bass; and Connor Gerson on drums. Each band member draws inspiration from classic bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, as well as contemporary artists like My Morning Jacket and Alabama Shakes.

Breezeway formed back in 2012 when singer/guitarist Indiana Sands and drummer Connor Gerson met in high school, and bonded over playing music in a structural formation known as a 'breezeway.' After jamming together for some time, they decided to bring on bassist, Fisher Huish, to complete the lineup in early 2013. Over the next couple of years, Breezeway played many shows across the state of Utah, and in 2015, independently released their debut album Clockwork. However, after the release of Clockwork, Fisher left the band to pursue other interests.

Finally, Chase McKnight joined Breezeway in mid-2015 to fill in on bass, but ended up being a perfect fit for the style of music they were moving towards, and has been a permanent member ever since. Now, after five years of being a band, Breezeway is still going strong having played a multitude of shows, and has released another full length album titled It Goes Like This (2016) with another album on the way. 

Sample music


Breezeway performing the song FUBAR Funk at the Riverwoods mall in Provo, UT on 6/10/17

Breezeway's performance of Goddamn Army on PCTV (5/16/16)